Shot Bar

Don’t fret, even with a busy and demanding schedule like yours, you can still stay healthy, radiant, and fully energized. When time is not on your side to come in for a relaxing IV infusion, take advantage of our SHOT BAR! Choose your shot and the licensed nurse can have you in and out in a few minutes.

B-12 $25

Increase energy, mental clarity, brain functions, and metabolism.

Biotin $25

The ultimate beauty boost! Biotin promotes the strengthening and growth of hair, skin, and nails. Other benefits include lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar, and a healthy metabolism.

B-Complex $25

Boost energy, minimize migraine symptoms, improve nervous system functions, and contains all eight subtypes of the B vitamin the body needs.

Glutathione $30

The “Mother of Antioxidants”! Glutathione assists with a healthy metabolism, increased energy, detoxification, better sleep, improved moods, reduced anxiety, and promotes glowing, healthy skin.

Skinny Shot $40

Inositol, Choline, B6, and B12. Provides energy, boosts mental clarity, increases metabolism, and creates a faster fat-burning cycle.

Tri-Immune $40

Create a robust immune defense with this blend of Vitam C, Zinc, and Glutathione, a high concentration blend of immune-boosting essentials.

Vitamin C $30

So many benefits! Vitamin C boosts your immune system, increases energy levels, reduces fatigue, prevents cell damage, accelerates wound healing, and many more benefits.

Vitamin d $30

Assists with improving mood, reducing anxiety, lowers allergy sensitivity, and increases cognitive health.

Zinc $25

Boosts immune system, improve skin conditions, reverse inflammation, aids in healing of woulds and cell regeneration.

Dexamethasone $25

Treats inflammation of skin, joints, lungs, and organs. Treats common conditions such as asthma, allergies, arthritis, migraine symptoms, back pain, and sciatica pain.

Ketorolac $25

Used for the short term treatment of moderate to severe pain. It effectively alleviates pain, inflammation and fever.

Zofran $25

Nausea and vomiting preventative.


“Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I had a 30 minute chair massage and a B-12 shot on my lunch break. I feel years younger!”

– Jeff R.

“I loved my experience and can’t wait to go back.”

– Johnny M.